Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnel full day tour

Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnel full day tour

Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnel full day tour
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Price: $130

Code: MDT302

Duration: 1 day

Destination: Ho Chi Minh, Cao dai, Cu chi




Our day trip offers you a chance to see a mixture of culture and history. Join us to reach Cao Dai Temple, where you can attend a morning Caodaism ritual praying held by the Cao Dai followers as well as soaking into a local cultural and religious space along with the unique architecture of the southern land. Additionally, our day tour is combined with a visit to the amazing Cu Chi Tunnels, the underground shelters of Viet Cong during Vietnam War. Give it a try, you will never regret!


 Explore the Holy See Temple of the Cao Dai faith- Vietnam's own religion incorporated aspect of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and even Catholicism.

 Visit the underground labyrinth of the Cu Chi Tunnels of the Viet Cong

 Crawl through sections of the tunnels to see storage areas and underground factories.

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Our tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City center and then we head to Tay Ninh Province to visit Cao Dai Temple and attend a morning Caodaism ritual praying. The Temple with its ceremonies is an unique example of the combination of the Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam.

After lunch in local restaurant, we will drive to the underground tunnel network constructed by Vietnamese fighters during their struggle for independence - Cu Chi Tunnels. Covering nearly 250km, the tunnels system was the shelter to over 16,000 communist guerillas during the war. you’ll spend time exploring the maze of tunnels including the secret cellar-door, museum of self-made weapons, shooting range, garment-factory ammunition to deeply understand how the Vietnamese soldiers were able to survive in this tiny underground network. Then, you’ll be driven back to Saigon

We then drive back to Ho Chi Minh City and end the tour at around 05:00 PM

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