Discover the beautiful Vietnam in the Asia

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Discover the beautiful Vietnam in the Asia

Vietnam is the country which likes peaceably and hospitably. Addition, the culture, the landscapes and food are very wonderful from the North to South so every year, it attracts a number of big tourists to discover Vietnam. For exemple, in August 2016, travel in Vietnam received 6.452.373 millions tourists inbound.


1. Northern Vietnam


If you want to travel to Vietnam , you cannot dissemble the north Vietnam. Because of 3 principal reasons, they are landscapes, food and culture.


Northern Vietnam - Mixtourist

Northern Vietnam

First, when you see Vietnam, don’t forget many famous sciences such as SapaHanoiHalong bay, ect. Because we will explore the best places to visit in Hanoi  such as Guom lake, Old Quarters and Temple of Literature, ect Especially, it’s wonderful to enjoy food on the street Hanoi by yourselves.

Every afternoon, you can drive your bike around West lake with your friends. You can also see the sky on the Long Bien bridge with some cup of water. This is interesting and I believe that it will not have any place. Continue to the itinery, you will explore the beautiful beach with white sands, pure water, blue sky and delicious seafood in Halong bay. Halong is one of best bays in the Vietnam. If you forget Halong bay during your itinery discovery Vietnam, it is so pity.

And if you love the nature, Sapa will satisfy your desire. At here, there are a lot of ethnic minorities with different cultures such as Sapa lovely market, garden’s peaches in the spring and special food.


2. Central Vietnam


Central Vietnam is called a bridge between the north and the south of Vietnam so it is important and meaningful for economy and transportation. Centre of Vietnam have many historic sights, cultural interests, ravishing beaches and outstanding national parks in  the world. With tourists used to be here, it’s sure that they cannot forget Hue’s imperial citadel, royal tomb and excellent street food. Addition, Hoian town is so poetic and sweet.


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Expecially, it’s activities usually happen in evenings and brilliant lanterns with all different coulours. Then a city is next to Hoian, it’s Danang city – it’s known for one of the country’s most dynamic cities. It’s not only known for cheap services but also known for must - visit destinations such as Phongnha region which is home of gargantuan cave systems including the world‘s the biggest cave.

Besides, it contains a historic war story being famous for over the world in 20st century. You should also enjoy well-earned downtime on the golden sands on the An Bang beach or learn to cook traditionally central Vietnamese cuisine Now.

Danang and Hue have airports to help you to visit Vietnam is easier and more convenient.


3. Southern Vietnam


Vietnam does not have only the beautiful north but also have the amazing South with interesting destinations. I am sure that you have many things to do in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam because it’s largest city in the Vietnam, other major cities: Bienhoa ,cantho.



You should visit Ben Thanh market which have many interesting things related to a lot of different regions or you can visit Big Market, central post, ect. All of these places are historic so you will discover many interesting things about beautiful Vietnam. The south of Vietnam is so famous for food on the street that anyone wants to return the country. Mekong Delta is also a landscape which you cannot dissemble because of it’s huge sciences and other interesting things and it’s just under 4500 km of diverse wildlife with credible views. It’s famous for traditional homelands of the ethnic Vietnamese with various cultures such as Phung Nguyen, Dong Son which are originated 4000 years ago.

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