The weather in the northern Vietnam

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The weather in the northern Vietnam

The northern Vietnam is a 4 - season- country during a year. From January to March is spring, from April to June is summer, from March to April is Spring, from May to October is Summer, from Mid-September to November is Autumn and from December to February is Winter. Every season has the different natures, you want to have many wonderful experiences, the weather is one of important things which you take care of it.


The northern vietnam


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1. The spring in the northern Vietnam


If you visit the northern Vietnam on this time, you should bring some necessary things for yourself and your family or your friends because the northern Vietnam’s weather is so different in the centre and the south. The north‘s weather is in the subtropical climate so in the spring, a day is about 12 hours and day’s time begins to increase, snow in the mountains begins to melt, the weather is warmer than the winter. This season’s temperature may rise to 15-25, sometimes have small rains so that it is humid and pleasant temperature. This is the best time to travel in the northern Vietnam and the destinations which you can’t dissemble such as Hanoi, Sapa and Halong. Because in this time, Hanoi’s weather is humid, the trees and flowers are blooming. All of things help Hanoi become colorful with tree’s green , flower’s red, sky’s yellow. Addition, the temperature is from 15 to 25, it’s so ideal that we have picnic or holiday with our family and our friends. In this time, Sapa is also so beautiful and sweet because it’s warm,it may be rain or fog. The temperature is from 15 to 18, it’s so cold but there are a lot of blooming flowers so tourist called Sapa with the name “kingdom of flowers”. it is so suitable for trekking and enjoy types of flowers, Sapa ‘s weather. When you visit the northern Vietnam, Halong bay is your ideal destination. The average of Halong bay is 2 3, this is the ideal period to enjoy the birth of grasses in the caves or islands. We can enjoy early-morning dews on our boat. It’s so incredible.

Expecially, in the spring, Vietnamese will a festival which is the most important and biggest  in a year. This is Tet or Lunar New Year. It has still some countries in the Asia , don’t  hesitage, I’m sure that you will not be disappointed.


2. The summer in the northern Vietnam


Be different with the Spring , the summer’s weather is so hot in many places and the rainiest month is August. In Hanoi, the temperature is so hot from May to August and it has a lot of precipitation, thunderstorms during the day and the temperature in the evening is usually 32. The rainy weather you will meet in the summer, be prepared. These rains may be short but it may also be longer duration then may turn back the beautiful sunny weather so Hanoi has the wettest season in July.  It is interesting characteristic in Hanoi and in the northern Vietnam. In this season, people usually go to swimming pool or centre shopping instead of outdoor activities. In Halong bay, there are the most visitors in this season in the north because it’s yellow sun and it’s windy beach, sky’s blue, it’s so hot with the average temperature about 35 and in the end of the summer, it usually has storms, many typhoons and most precipitation falls. Sapa is also a ideal destination for many couples, families and groups of friends because thanks to good geographic conditions, it is one of the most favorable climates. This temperature main stably cool during a year, between 15- 30 Celsius degree and this humility is relatively high around a year, between 83-87 percents .In comparison with Hanoi and Halong bay. Thanks to its ideally high altitude, Sapa is an ideal location for summer during the overheated time and the scarcely populated town which also has fresh air. With the high temperature, you can try trekking, it’s so interesting. I believe that you will never be disappointed. The daily temperature during the summer is from 15 to 28 Celsius degree and night temperature is from 10 to 18 Celsius degree. It’s a good time when you want to hike to the highest of Vietnam – Fansipan.


3. The autumn in the northern Vietnam


The autumn is not as hot as the summer, is not as cold as the winter,so it attracts a big number of visitors . The autumn of Hanoi is even topic’s songs, topic’s poems. In Hanoi, the weather is considered the best period from September to late November with the warm sun and cool breeze, the temperature is about 25 Celsius degree. Sometimes, there are some small rains helping Hanoi’s air to become more fresh and cooler.  The same as Hanoi, the weather of the autumn of Sapa is colder than of the summer .This is a suitable period for laid – back natural holiday if you want to visit Sapa. September is the harvesting season in Sapa so get your camera charged in full or else you regret every your step.


4. The winter in the northern Vietnam


The winter in the northern Vietnam is more special than any countries over the world. Beware of the December to January from can be very cold, in these months can be very cold and may even snow in northern mountainous areas such as Sapa. Be prepared many appropriate clothing and good accommodation when you visit the northern Vietnam in this season. Especially, In Sapa ,in winter , you can see the dense fog , snow on the trees and roads . This temperature falls down below 10 Celsius degree in some mountains areas and fall even -3 Celsius degree in Hoang Lien Son national park around Sapa. This roads can be very slippery so if you drive carefully so much when the temperature falls low especially in the nighttime. It also has rain- ad wind- proof outwears.  Be not as cold as Sapa but when visit Hanoi in this time, you can  be also careful since the temperature falls down, the average annual temperature  is about 17 Celsius degree so you have to also make bring the warm clothings. In the weather of winter, there are many small rains in Hanoi. with the average temperature in Halong is as cold as  in Hanoi is 23 Celsius degree .In the winter months in Halong can be very cold and his temperature falls to 13 Celsius Degree, the lowest can fall 5 Celsius degree and this is dry season with little raining of the approximately 15-20 percents of the total rainfall so it is not suitable for travelling but if you don’t like many people and you want even to enjoy in the beach, I think this time is suitable for you . During the time, you can immerse yourself on the luxury cruises.etc.


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