Top 5 famous street foods which attract tourists in Hanoi

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Top 5 famous street foods which attract tourists in Hanoi

Street food Hanoi is known for king of street food with a lot of delicious food being famous for tourists and Hanoians. If you have a passion for the food, I’m sure that you cannot dissemble much street food in Vietnam’s capital which is not only delicious but also cheap and special seat. Addition, we enjoy it any time of the day. So food on the treet in Hanoi is an important element for tourist attractions in Hanoi.


1. Pho (noodle soup)


Pho - the dish was “ invented” in the early 20th century in the northern Vietnam, southeast Hanoi in Nam Dinh province. Pho’s traditional home is the Van Cu village and Dao Cu village in Dong Xuan commune, Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh province.


Pho (noodle soup), Hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


It is a traditional dish in Vietnam as known representative food for the  street food Vietnam. So it’s very popular for appearing anywhere from the street vendors. Its principal ingredients include: broth, rice noodle with primarily made either chicken or beef. Will be failed if you forget some important spices such as : lemon, peppers, some herbs, allspices, etc.

You can try enjoying chicken noodle soup at 7 Nam Ngu , Hoan Kiem district ; 70 Tra Xuan Soan,Hai Ba Trung district; 6B tho nhuom, Hoa Kiem district or if you try beef rice soup , you can go to 5 Van Cao , Ba Dinh district; 34BC8 Giang Vo district; 24 Ngo Trung Lien, Dinh Liet district, etc These are famous rice soup places in Hanoi.


2. Bun thang (Thang noodle)


Bun thang is considered  as a symbolic street food of cuisines Hanoi. If pho is likely to linguine in shape. Bun thang is more compatible to spaghetti. It is one of the most famous yet hidden street foods in  Hanoi  which you cannot find anywhere otherwise the Old Quarters or some restaurants across the Hanoi.


Bun Thang, Hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


To have the wonderful dish, we will see our dish: the yellow of sliced egg, the white of noodle (bun), the chicken broth, the off-white chicken and the green onions, gio lua, dried shrym and herbs. All of the ingredients are artistically done and the dish will be served beautifully.  

If you have a chance, you should try at Bun thang ba Duc on the Cau Go Street or Bun thang ba Am at Dong Xuan market. They are the greatest places to enjoy the special dish. You can also try street vendor but it will be limited a number of seats but it’s so interesting.


3. Xoi xeo (sticky rice)


Xoi xeo or sticky rice is originated  sticky rice with only green mung bean paste, fried shallot but now ham, egg, Chinese sausage has been added. Xeo means that the way they cut very thin slices of green mung beans paste over sticky rice. Xoi xeo is made sticky rice topped with ground de-hulled mung bean and onion.


Xoi xeo ( sticky rice), hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


If you want full xoi xeo, you can require egg or steam chicken breast. You can try anytime in the day but almost Vietnamese like eating it for breakfast and lunch. Xoi yen is one of the greatest place to enjoy – it’s on the Nguyen Huu Huan street in the north of the sword lake or you can try any market in Hanoi.


4. Banh gio mat (Gio mat cake)


Banh gio mat or banh tro being primarily made sticky rice, brown  is a type of cake related to Vietnam’s childhood. When you taste it, you feel cool and sweet dark of sarcasm. Banh gio is one of the most famous street foods in Hanoi from long years.


Banh gio mat (Gio mat cake), Hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


Now you can just find it at Hom market in Hue street. If you enjoy just cake without molasses, you will feel normal but if it eat with molasses being wonderful. In the corne of Hom market, it’s paradise of banh gio, 2 vendors have made it for long years so there many clients around year.


5. Bun dau mam tom


When you visit Hanoi, you want to enjoy many cheap and delicious dishes ,bun dau mam tom is a suitable dish for you. It is a ancient street dish of Hanoian.


Bun dau mam tom, Hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


You can seek it almost small or big streets around Hanoi. It can be of vendors or of restaurant, etc. The principal ingredients consist  soft and small noodles (bun), dau phu mo and shrimp paste.

Every place has every different recipe so that you will have many different feels. All will help you feel wonderful.


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