Visit Vietnam - One of the most beautiful countries in the Asia

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Visit Vietnam - One of the most beautiful countries in the Asia

Vietnam or officiallySocialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) is located in the South East of Asia. Vietnam consists 3 principal regions . They are the north, the centre and the south. Every region has itself featured beauties.


1. Visiting the North in the Vietnam


Description: Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


The northern Vietnam is one of the three big regions in Vietnam. The north is oldest region in Vietnam with over 1000 years ago in the Red River Delta. The largest city of the northern in Vietnam is Hanoi. Hanoi is also Vietnam’s capital so it is  second modernest in the nation  with many historic big places. The first, you cannot dissemble Old Quarter which converges almost ancient  beauty’s Hanoians. The Old Quarter has so many cultural big places for your travelling just by spending time for walking on foot you can also discover many interesting things. They help you to have a grasp of the local’life about 1 hundred years ago. Discover the Old Quarter, the first place which you have to go to Dong Xuan market. Why don’t I say so? Because you will be immersed yourself in the every day of the Hanoians. Their lifes contain almost Hanoian’s beauty so if you don’t visit ,it is so pity. An indispenable part of their life for one hundred years. One quick way is suitable for you to walk around it. At here, you can choose many goods as gifts for yourself and your family on display or you can also enjoy kinds of street foods of Hanoi such as: Pho (soup noodle), sticky rice, bun dau mam tom, etc. At the Old Quarter you should also bia hoi at Ta Hien and street foods of the vendors. 


Description: Bat trang pottery village, hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


Bat trang pottery village, Hanoi, Vietnam - Mixtourist


The second famous sightseeing of Hanoi which you should also visit is Bat trang pottery village. Pottery is one of long – standing traditional products Vietnam. It is results of  the Vietnamese’s working process so pottery product is famaliar with the daily Vietnamese people. Addition, they  are also seen as particular product and sector so every artisan shows his conception on every pottery.


Besides, Hoan Kiem lake is a place for you. Located in the central city with a ancient  interesting novel, you can also immerse in the lake’air. Although locating in the noisy city, its air is so pure and quite than you will want to see a The Huc red bridge which connected the Ngoc Son famous temple and Hanoi. At here you can also see many trees, flowers and  a symbol of Hanoi.


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Halong Bay, Vietnam - Mixtourist


Halong Bay, the northern Vietnam - Mixtourist


When you have a chance to visit Vietnam, let you spend your valuable time for enjoying Halong bay. The bay is in the top heritages world of the Heritage World Site. With white sand, blue beach, strange and unique caves attracted a lot of tourists inbound and outbound so it’s so popular travel destination in Van Don disstrict in Quang Ninh province. Besides, the bay’s novels is so interesting about Bai Tu Long bayCat Ba island or story about the bay features a thoursand of limestone karsts the seafood is unique. I believe that you will never be disspointed.


2. Visiting the Centre in the Vietnam


The central Vietnam is the second region in the three principal regions in Vietnam. When you go to the centre, Hue is city which you should discover. Hue is old capital of Vietnam. Hue is known for famous  historic monuments , the Perfume River, a number of French-style buildings. Besides, you will have a chance to discover notable Thien Mu pagoda- the largest pagoda in Hue and a official symbol  of the city.


Hoian, the central Vietnam - Mixtourist


Hoian, the central Vietnam - Mixtourist


Hoian is second destination which you should visit. Hoian is  a coastal plain Quang Nam province, about 30km south of Danang city and noted since 1999. UNESCO declared Hoian in 1990 as well- preserved example of the south – east Asian trading port from 15th to 19th century  with its unique buildings on display. The Old Town has four museums highlightings in the history of the buildings. They are managed by the Hoian Centre for the cultural Heritage Management and Preservation. They are the Museum of History and Culture, the Hoian Folk Museum, the Museum of Trade  Ceramics and the Museum of Sa Huynh culture. The time is  the most suitable for discovering it in the evening  with the  colorful lanterns on the hall of the house. Hoian is the old town down the Thu Bon River. Hoian used to be considered on the international market.


3​. Visiting the South in the Vietnam


Hochiminh city, the south Vietnam - Mixtourist


Hochiminh city, the south Vietnam - Mixtourist


The Southern Vietnam is the end destination of VietnamHochiminh is the largest city in the nation. The local’s life is influenced by China and French so the cuisine’s Hochiminh is also influenced by the China’s cuisine. When you visit the city, let you enjoy hu tieu Nam Vang… It’s traditional clothing is Ao ba ba. It is different with the ao tu than of the north and the ao dai of the centre.Hochiminh is known for the city’s theatre which is the end of le Loi street and was the most expensive monument in the French domination from 1898. It was designed by Ferret with Baroc style.It has as many characters as the Opera in Paris. It is considered the ancient theatre in the Vietnam. Besides, you can also visit ben Thanh market. Ben Thanh is the central market  which isnot only Hochiminh but is also many provinces in the south so it has a lot of kinds of goods which you can buy as gift for yourself and your friends.


When you  go to the south of Vietnam, you cannot also dissemble Cu Chi Tunnel. This is the tunnel  immensing network of connecting underground tunnels. It’s a big part of important tunnel in the country.


Mekong Delta, the south Vietnam - Mixtourist


Mekong Delta is a suitable destination for you. The Delta is known for Western Region or the south-western region.This is the region which has a Mekong Delta approaches. This is also an important fishing region. Besides, it is one fourth of Vietnam’s  agriculture with 2.6 million ha. The local’life revolves much around the river and there are many the villages being accessible by river and also many canals around the road. You can visit floating market of Can Tho with many agricultures.


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